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It seems there may be some confusion or at least this aspect is not highlighted, ie the difference bewteenSrufaceView and GLSurfaceView.  Right now before Android 2.0 GLSurfaceView does not entirely play nice with SurfaceFinger.

Let me explain. On G1’s yo can only have one GLSurfaceView. Yes, there are some high end devices coming that can have multiple GLSurfaceViews. Holed on , there is more. GLSurfaceView is not hardware accelerated whereas SurfaceView iis in fact hardware accelerated.

Because of the way GLSurfaceView(pre-Anroid 2.0) takes over the framebuffer/SurfaceFinger you will not be able to get and act on user input in a reliable fashion. 2D rendering si suspeneded while control of the SurfaceFinger framebuiffer is held by GLsurfaceView, ie onSrufaceChanged etc.

While, yes using SurfaceVie w instead would produce an extra copy, on the G1 that is handled by a hardware 2d blitter and on other Andorid devices by a GPU.

Thus, why would you use GLsurfaceView? It has to do with the infrastructure changes that you will see in Android 2.0 and with Android GPU accelerated devices. In other words high end 3d games etc.

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