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There is a tradition in Java when trying to teach a group to relearn coding patterns or best practices to use the -In-Anger in the title. There are two ways essentially, one is to mock everything so as to be able to use TDD via Junit4 testing in a JVM outside of the Android emulator or android device. The other way is to integrate everything in such a way that one can use roboguice, robotium, and android-mock to instrument test code in the android emulator or android device.

With the introduction of caliper(@googlecode) for benchmarking and vogar(@googlecode) for executing both benchmarking and unit tests via the command line to a Dalvik VM either in the emulator or device that it may once again be speedy and fashionable to do TDD via real unit test code instrumentation.

The title to the article series I have come up with is Agile Android-In-Anger. The anger part is due to the myths that still are out there of what code patterns work in android application development and some performance myths about some of those tools such as dependency injection. The plan is to have some articles up at this next week.

I do expect to fully cover Roboguice, robotium and Android-Mock together.

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