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While the Android project uses make to drive a specialized doclet called droiddoc and a jni extension of the claersilver template engine you can use DocLava to come close as you will than have a specialize doclet with the java version of clearsilve(jsilver) as the template engine.


Application JavaDoc

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Android
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There are some javadoc errors that I see when developers attempt to produce javadoc for an Android application project. One, not specifying the android.jar as a classpath parameter and the second is not specifying what Androdi SDK version in th e footer some place:

<target name="javadoc">
		<javadoc sourcepathref="javadoc.source" destdir="javadocs" overview="src/overview.html" classpath="${sdk-android-jar}" private="true" windowtitle="${taglets.windowtitle}" additionalparam="">
					<!-- Use a nice documentation title -->
					     API Specification
					     	 <!-- Create a header that contains the taglets logo -->
					     	   <!-- Note the use of the {@docRoot} tag to link to the logo -->
					     	       width="88" height="40" border="0"
					<!-- Same for the footer -->
					       width="88" height="40"
					   <!-- Include a timestamp at the bottom of the docu generated -->
					   <!-- Note the use of ${timestamp} which was created by the -->
					   <!-- <tstamp> task at the start of this target -->
					     &lt;p align="right"&gt;
					       &lt;font class="NavBarFont1" size="-1"&gt;
					   	     Android SDK Verion ${sdk.version}&lt;br&gt;
					         API Spec&lt;br&gt;
					         ${TSTAMP} ${DSTAMP}

Remember, there is no separate javadoc for the SDK online so you really can not use a link parameter and thus identifying the SDK version in footer helps.

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