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Everyone is reading the Nexus One news wrong, not surprising is it? Fact, Flurry through their tracking has deduced that Droid sales reached 1.045 Million over 74 days which broke the original iPhone record of 1 million unit sin 74 days set in 2007.

The difference between Droid and Nexus One is the carriers for the most part and we should see an up swing in Nexus One sales once the release of Nexus One on Verizon happens. My prediction is in the 74 days of Nexus One being available for Verizon sales will be 500,000 units in  those 74 days.

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So why am I trashing my own app UI design? Well, with the ad space of 100px I get this:

As you can see the ad space size does not play well as far as taking up too much space. But there are some other concerns.

If you view the iPhone demo: see applications with bulky top and bottom menus. nOw look at the Nexus One gallery application(no its not in the emulator yet):

..notice that you have some floating menus. That seems the standard-in-quotes that visually Google and OHA seem to be pushing towards as far as visual lok of the application.

Thus I change the top most container from relative layout to frame layout to enable me to float a small menu. I eliminate the status bar and the ad space as I can have the free version just organize by file name tags and the premium version organize by file names and picture object detection.

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I debated how I should do this post. I am going to talk about certain points and behaviors without naming people as I can more points across without us focusing on names and titles.

1. Apps pre-installed on devices. Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL.  It is my experience that both OEMs and middleware companies will after having chosen which APPs to be pre-installed per device to inquiry of non-informed android  app companies in order to reverse engineer ideas.  Not just foreign OEMs and companies. This is not to say you canto trust its just to say trust upon proof and verification of honesty.

2. Use non-OEM  IDEs and Android plugin tools.  Handset OEMs have an agenda to lock you in to using their tools to develop for their handsets and they do this usually by limiting power of the plugins and IDE tools. Some OEM personnel will even go so far as to be disingenuous in stating that additional plugins can be installed beyond SVN/CVS despite it being not true of that specific OEM IDE edition. do not fall for that effing bullshit.  That is not to say that you cannot use JetBrains, Netbeans and other android plugins. in fact certain Netbeans infrastructure is used in certain android tools in the android sdk and both JetBrains and Netbeans IDEs are comparable to Eclipse and Google’s ADT.

3. Okay, making money.  Ad wise if you can get USA application users you can make some serious ad money revenue.  On the non add side money made will tend to come about if you build a service coupled with the application that adds to the application in some manner. Once we have the information on Jan 5th about Android Market changes that answer will of course change and improve.

Now, I have caught both domestic and foreign companies pulling above mentioned bad behavior towards both android developers and android application development companies.  That is why I am some pleased that Google with Nexus One is determine to kick their effing heads in. Nexus One gives us leverage against the abuses outlined above. I look forward to the Android 2.1 SDK from Google coming out shortly.

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NexusOne Invites

Posted: December 25, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile

If Google wanted to really improve their open stance, what better way than to give Nexus One Purchase invites to everyone who ever submitted a bug report for the Android OS.

First proof of GooglePhone, the trademark filing(via engadget). Now, this still couldbe the ADP3 handset.

But, consider these differences. Droid is trademarked by Lucasfilms and thus one of the reasons why Android2.0 cold not be released source etc was that the trademark license agreement had to be finalized. With Philip K. Dick’s daughter complaints about not contacting her for permission it certainly puts Google in a similar situation where they have to draw up an agreeement for use of the term. TotalRecall 2090 was based on the Novel see at hulu.

If this is not ADP3, than we should see a FCC filing of a Nexus  device with US based AT&T frequencies or US CDMA frequencies as Nexus One does not have them. If its a direct response to the OPhone than we might not see that yet as some China GSM frequencies are the same as the Europe GSM frequencies and Nexus One does have the Europe GSM frequency band.

But than what differences are offered to differentiate between Nexus One and a non-Google Android distro?

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