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First proof of GooglePhone, the trademark filing(via engadget). Now, this still couldbe the ADP3 handset.

But, consider these differences. Droid is trademarked by Lucasfilms and thus one of the reasons why Android2.0 cold not be released source etc was that the trademark license agreement had to be finalized. With Philip K. Dick’s daughter complaints about not contacting her for permission it certainly puts Google in a similar situation where they have to draw up an agreeement for use of the term. TotalRecall 2090 was based on the Novel see at hulu.

If this is not ADP3, than we should see a FCC filing of a Nexus  device with US based AT&T frequencies or US CDMA frequencies as Nexus One does not have them. If its a direct response to the OPhone than we might not see that yet as some China GSM frequencies are the same as the Europe GSM frequencies and Nexus One does have the Europe GSM frequency band.

But than what differences are offered to differentiate between Nexus One and a non-Google Android distro?

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