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Nokia Drops JavaME

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Java, Mobile
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What the major news outlets failed to highlight yesterday in Nokia’s news to consolidate on QT for both Symbian and MeeGo is that Nokia sells a large majority share of MIDP  JavaME devices deployed worldwide. And usually consolidation moves like this ripple through the Mobile OEMs.

True, not many other OEMs have something like the QT strategy in-house. But you have to wonder when the next market leader in deployed MIDP JavaME devices will consolidate and drop JavaME. I wonder how Oracle will spin this?

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Mobile is changing. I first made a entry into mobile in 2001 starting work at a startup and later on eneded contributing to a user interface library called SynClastUI for MIDP J2ME. Back than it was a real pain to do any mobile development and mobile fragmentation among mobile platforms was in full swing.  I imagine that the Android Goolge IO videos will be up here after a few days.

What Google has introduced is a new way to do mobile development. Not just on Android but also on Apple iPhone and Symbian and or any Webkit enabled mobile platform. On Android we can develop using Java, Java and Native, Java and web through webview, and web. But now we have on any webkit enabled device web and html5. While you will not expect to see intensive 3d games or other heavy computational applications using web you will see a whole range of new applications that can run only any webkit enabled device.

But more importantly it levels the playing field for web developers to make a transition to mobile applications without having to learn heavy duty mobile programming. Google is becoming the new mobile standards player and that is without a JCP membership or bowing down to Microsoft or other entrenched stakeholders within the Mobile Industry. Mobile is now exciting again.

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