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Testing Patience

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Android, Java, Mobile
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Its interesting to go on interviews to see if people really get testing or not and its role in the agile process.  For example, the set of ant-rules files that is distributed with the android sdk has had annoying little mistakes in key areas such as the coverage target inn test_rules, etc for awhile. My correction to the coverage target is in this Gist.

And those little mistakes are usually encountered by just executing the scripts and going through all  the developer user cases…in other words functional testing of the ant scripts.  Its the same testing of patience when you participate in interviews and receive the impression that the potential firm is not using testing.

If you are an android bug reporter please vote for the bug, issue 17305. Lets vote on enough of these bugs in the ant rules files included with the sdk that the ant scripts become extremely useful instead of half baked.