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I did some hacking yesterday with Calculon in a attempt to see if it could be extended similar to robotium. Not possible, robotium is the best option..sorry MK(Calculon developer). Thus, we have a IDE plugin or build that runs all the tests at one time and completes a code coverage report along with a DSL syntax to reduce the complexity of writing unit tests.

It will not be as pretty as say Spock, but still it reduces test writing expertise to something manageable.

But Android emulation is unique in that we have to start up anew AVD to test a different device model. The obvious next step is to get some way to start and stop the AVDs in your emulator inventory and run install-app and tests each time and produce test reports for each device model.

Apache ANT is too brittle of DSL to be flexible enough to work as a work-flow testing scenario. This might be an ideal situation to use Gradle in as it uses Groovy’ DSL with the ability to run/execute ant tasks/targets, maven stuff, ivy, etc.

Dependency Injection vs Mock wise I do not see a need in testing to resort to DI if you have Android-Mock available. But maybe some developers prefer to use DI rather Android-Mock, it just seems that yuo are moving your focus away from  tests up the DI chain if you pursue that route.

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