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AndCooperANT alpha release supporting ant build of regular android java projects, javadoc generation with UML diagrams, js javadoc generation for those using webkit, proguard obfuscation, android library projects, android jar library projects,  and android test projects.  Its alpha as I have not finished docs on how to customize javadoc look, code quality reports look, js javadoc look, etc.

I am converting all my projects to using it, so I am eating my own dog food folks to uncover any bugs/issues.

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The Andr0id Java Application Build tool called AndCooper is being released tonight as 0.1 Alpha. Included with this release is a modifid PMD.jar with a very alpha PMD ruleset for Andorid that goes beyond the PMD Android ruleset. No matter what Continuous Integration server you may be running its just simple drop the stuff in and run although you may not get CI-integrated dashboard view yet.

No matter what IDE you might be using you can point or setup a JavaBuilder to point to this set of build scripts and it will auto-generate the code analysis reports every time the project workspace is built by the JavaBuilder of your IDE. Templates for items such as Java.Header, package-summary.html,, and etc can be found at root for easy access for new users. Also, included tiddlywiki templates for taking notes and GTD note taking. Also, I have kept the tool IDE agnostic in nature.

Report-wise you can set reports to have your company logo and UML diagrams are included with javadocs. Jdepend reprots also have diagrams in png form when you define the Graphviz Home path.

At this time the build scripts recognize SDKs up to the Android SDK version 3.0 with slight support for OEM add-on APIs so that those jars get added properly to classpaths and etc.

At this time I would like to thank everyone who commented thus far as I did use those comments to refactor the build tool to come up with the 0.1 alpha version.  Hopefully, as we go forward into releases such as 0.2 and 0.3 that will encourage more comments that can be used to refacor AndCooper into better implementations and hopefully at some point maybe even comments from OHA members at some point.

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