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The New ADT

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Android, Eclipse, Java
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Ah I think Google plans a nice x-mas present for android application developers in the form a new and improved ADT plugin. Visual Editor now has drag and drop! Proguard fully included. Heirarchy viewer no longer regulated to command-line as you will view it using the new ADT plugin. And also clicking on lines in logcat takes you directly to code.

Dario Laverde has more coverage at his first blog post.

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Presentations Up

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Android, Java

Some presentations on android development they are in html5 format and clicking the links will download them to yoru PC.

Android Training Chicago

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Android, Java, Mobile
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How many of you are interested in Android Training Courses held in downtown Chicago? Say updated for Android  2.3/3.0?

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Android 3.0

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Android, Java, Mobile
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Diagram Android Developers
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I am going through determining if I author  an android dev book on android 3.0 thus here is what I have thus far in what android 3.0 will contain:

-finalized USB/Blueooth apis beyond the unpolished ones now in place.

-VOIP/SIP apis finalized?

-more hooks to hardware/software buffers audio/video, etc?

-update of webkit

-UI apis fully  ported to all public from the mix of pubic/private apis currently in the UI area.

-new JetEngine release

-OpenGL ES 2.0 support

-Tablet optimizations

-some more device administration apis

-more NCF support in form of new apis



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Teaching Android

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Android, Mobile
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With Packt Publishing attempting to recruit me as an android 3.0 development book author and an android training opportunity position opening up in downtown Chicago, I once again have the opportunity to think about how android development should be taught in class form and book form.

Its not that there are not stellar resources already out there such as Mark Murphy’s, etc.  Its how do you reach the maximum audience about the power of this new mobile platform through developing code in java/C++ and js/html/css.

First, mobile programming is different. Some of the differences is that its a casual application that does not operate or run-all-the-time. Its security context is around both user authentication within the mobile operator system and the google user system. Its not big screens like the server or desktop.

There are also other differences as well in that not every member of the audience is java programmer as many web programmers are switching to android not just the PhoneGap applications but also the more heavy duty in CPU cycles applications such as games, etc. My respectful disagreement with Markana Inc. was that there is enough basic java patterns in android java programming itself that one could use the android device to teach java.

In android java we use a modified mobile definition of singleton from the javaME area. That theory of why we use it is still valid java programming technique. The android mobile platform uses callbacks. the callback pattern is of course acting as a program pointer, something in java we do not have at the moment. The same pattern and theory are found in complex java systems on the enterprise side.

There are also such things as teaching the development process such as debugging, unit-testing, BDD and TDD, and of course best practices in dealing OEM-device-differentiation(press calls it android fragmentation). Than we have the subject of adding a native library to extend android to be able to use in an application.

Hopefully I get an opportunity to explore these subjects shortly.

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phoneGap 0.9.2

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Mobile

The recently released PhoneGap 0.9.2 has an error in the Android samples. Change the minSDKVersion in the AndroidManifest to 3 from 2.

My GitHub HomePage

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Android, Java

I am putting up my Android stuff at my GitHub HomePage. I should have more stuff up later in the week. If you firm needs an android developer, send me an email.

Square’s Retrofit

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Android, Java

Square Inc has put up their IO module code that they use for networking called Retrofit. The Android IO module is here, in the form of QueueFile FIFO construct. Some other modules are the http calls, getting shake events, etc. I found it from the press release of the StrangeLoop 2010 conference.