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Posted: July 5, 2010 in Android, Java
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Game name is changed to TranquilityBase, I still have to add the input pipe-line features. And what do we do about sound?

Yes, its true that the moon had no atmosphere to give sound to the engine thrust shock waves. Mars has an atmosphere, not dense as ours but there is one.

Thus, the sound should be louder than the popping sounds you have heard form the lunar lander on moon audio tracks when the lander took off back to the command module.

And I did some code cleanup.

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Another Game Engine

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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I forgot in my post the other day a most important game engine to start with in Android Game Programming. Usually most game programming books recommend that you start out with an isometric game engine, preferably tile and rpg based. Basically, because than its easy to pick up the basic game programming skills without having difficulty of calculus math and etc. Although the project is now nolonger producing code, the isoj2me game engine for j2me should be downloaded studied and modified for Android.

You will  still need some type of isometirc tile editor to create the graphic tiles. TileStudio is windows only and Tiled is java based And when I was building game engines in the past, my best resource for engine development was flipcode. Be warned that the flipcode articles are very heavy as the focus was mainly console game development but one you know the math you can modifiy the stuff focused in the articles for use on Andorid once you  translate from C/C=++/C# to java.

But, developing an isometric tile game is a good start and the isoj2me game engine should be a good starting point to do that first isoemtric Android game.

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