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Another Splash Trick

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Android
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You know if you set android :windowBackground to a drawable and set your Layout container to either  a background color or drawable that you get a nice very brief splash right? How could you use this?

As you know most of us recommend that use an activity as a dialog screen. You could use it to flash a splash screen for your dialogs as activities as youcan set a theme for each dialog activity.

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Hello everyone, how is your Monday morning? So remember I was working on some new UI components for Android Applications: the application main screen you only have so much room for a back button, forward button, and the dynamic status bar. Thus, the issue becomes how to train the user so that the back and forward buttons are automatically recognized by the user upon first using the application?

We could use the set of splash screens do that, assuming that left button is company logo and the back button and the right button is application logo and forward button the splash alpha screens:

Than the Application splash screen:

Not bad. You will notice that I am using large typeface for the first letter in the Company and Application logos so that the navigation left and right buttons are easy to recognize as the navigation buttons will be using the same logs as graphics.

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