FOSS Projects

FOSS projects contributed to by MobileBytes developers.

Android Contributions to the Android OHA Project include fixing ANT support in the SDK, webview area, and etc.

AndCooperANT AndCooperANT is an ANT based Build Tool to ease Android Application development with support for code analysis in Java, Javasciprt for webview applications, and support for using the build system as an incremental builder in a modern IDE.

AndLog is a Log wrapper for Android Java Application development,.

FOSS projects contributed to by Fred Grott

SynClastUI Back when the MIDP 2 spec was first being approved in the Java Community Process(JCP) many of us had the idea that there was abetter way to tdo Mobiel User Interfaces than doing it in full native code. So a group of us foucued around putting the UI scheme and configuratio in XML or stylesheets. After SynclastUI was first created I joined the projectot add coe to integrate with non-buffered devices, at the time those were non-Nokia devices. To get developers to use we added MIDP 2.0 like widgets. Unfortunately for whatever reason we were never able to convince the JCP that this was the way to improve the J2ME UI design process for developers.

Antenna ANT Tasks for MIDP Development Contributed code to integrate with different J2ME Wireless ToolKit SDKs from OEMs such as Sun, Motorola, Siemens, and etc.

Eclipse IDE

WuRFL -WuFRL is a Wireless Universal Resource File that contains a database of wireless devics and their capabilites. My contriutions have been device files for Verizon mobile devices.

Fred Grott’s individual FOSS projects can be foudn at:

Fred Grott’s github account

Fred Grott’s bitbucket account

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