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Android 3.0

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Android, Java, Mobile
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I am going through determining if I author  an android dev book on android 3.0 thus here is what I have thus far in what android 3.0 will contain:

-finalized USB/Blueooth apis beyond the unpolished ones now in place.

-VOIP/SIP apis finalized?

-more hooks to hardware/software buffers audio/video, etc?

-update of webkit

-UI apis fully  ported to all public from the mix of pubic/private apis currently in the UI area.

-new JetEngine release

-OpenGL ES 2.0 support

-Tablet optimizations

-some more device administration apis

-more NCF support in form of new apis



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There has been some talk about being two Android releases upcoming as in Android 2.3 and Android 3.0. What follows is speculation and best guess.

OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation was slightly goofed up namely the java bindings. The Android 2.3 release cold be a fix for those OpenGL ES 2.0 java bindings. Mario’s OpenGL 2.0 wrapper is here. You can see how the fix was too late for Froyo, in this message.What other fixes could be included is the revamp of the UI.

I think Android 3.0 is different in that it could include the usblib work that has been occurring to develop a  public USB API for the application level. That would probably mean no longer only one module usb ports but true AB USB ports from OEMs for android devices and true USB data synching-out-of-box with no hacking to enable. Other possible items that might be included OpenGL ES 3.0(I meant to say that one could see with heavy use of GPUs and dual core cpus in android devices a need to include the OpenGL 3.0 core since its openGL 2.0 compatible.).

At this point its pure speculation until we get other information, however Google/OHA could do what they did earlier this year in that there would be soft release for 2.2 to fix the openGL ES 2.0 java bindings and than a Android 3.0 release before the end of he year with most of the change sin the Android 3.0 release.

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