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Several weeks ago I applied for an Android Instructor position. During that process I prepared rough drafts of materials covering these Android Programmign areas:

Android WebView Web Programming Using Google Web Toolkit

Android 2D OpenGL Game Programming

Android Advanced Agile Techniques

Android Advanced Programming Replacing Default  Applications

Android Game Programming using the Simple Framework

Obviously, the Android WebView Web Programming Using GWT was the most complete one. Obviously, if Apress approves that one I should turn in another book proposal in late October or November. Obviously, the game areas would be the most popular area since OpenGL in Android 1.6 is now entirely fixed. Certainly, Game Programming Using the Simple Framework may be more appealing with the project handset sale sin q4-09 and q1-10 as its basically using the basic computer language to put together the Android Components like Lego blocks into a functional game.

But, I do not have to make that decision until after Apress approves the Android WebView Web Programming Using GWT Book Proposal and than not until possibly November. And on top of that I have my set of Mock Test Object classes to finish and process through the Android Project Code approval process. It will be an interesting set of months.

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First, that working book title is not set in stone. Second, the book proposoal submission review is Tuesday morning. Third,  the publisher if they grant approval is Apress. Sevral of my peers  have authored for apress before and thus I feel its a good fit if I get the approval.

One  of the benefits of course, to you the reader, is that the code examples for the book will be previewed here at this blog and of course coding tips.

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