Nokia Drops JavaME

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Java, Mobile
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What the major news outlets failed to highlight yesterday in Nokia’s news to consolidate on QT for both Symbian and MeeGo is that Nokia sells a large majority share of MIDP  JavaME devices deployed worldwide. And usually consolidation moves like this ripple through the Mobile OEMs.

True, not many other OEMs have something like the QT strategy in-house. But you have to wonder when the next market leader in deployed MIDP JavaME devices will consolidate and drop JavaME. I wonder how Oracle will spin this?

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  1. Cesar Cardoso says:

    Only a small correction: S40 still uses MIDP Java ME and will not use Qt, so Nokia isn’t dropping JavaME at all. (yes, I know, S40 is low-end and all that) 🙂

    • Fred Grott says:

      Read the pr again, they dropped JavaME completely. No new devices using JavaME and no javame uploads to their appstore.

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